Open lectures

Open lectures

What has fashion got to do with 3D, gaming and robotics?

In the lecture, Julia Krantz will talk about her journey - going from working in fashion and art to the tech and start-up scene - that may seem as each other’s antithesis. What do the two professional industries have in common? What is currently happening within 3D technology, design and fashion today? 

Julia Krantz will talk about what it is like to work as a designer in the tech industry, what possibilities or common misunderstandings can occur between creatives and engineers? What role can an artist play at a tech company and what can we as creatives expect from the future?

She has a degree in Textile Arts from Academy of Design and Craft (HDK) and has worked in a transdisciplinary manner between fashion and art. The game industry caught her interest, looking at the human body’s relationship to new technologies and interactive storytelling and she is also running the blog Magic Fabric – about the interface between video games and fashion. 

Her work has been exhibited at an international fashion and art scene and has also been lent out to Lady Gaga. Today she works as the Creative Director at the noteworthy start-up Volumental in Stockholm. With their 3D scanning technology for feet, they are innovating the shoe store experience where 3D models of the customer’s feet make it easier to find the right shoes.

The lecture will be held in English

Date and time: Aug 11 at 13:00
Location: HDK - Högskolan för design konsthanverk, room 338